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Reality of converting Fat to Muscle

The best approach to lose fat quick and get to 7-8% muscle to fat isn’t what you think…

Indeed, the correct approach to lose fat is not eating 1000-1500 calories for every day and it’s not doing huge amounts of cardio. The most ideal approach to lose fat quick is in reality significantly more agreeable and successful and we’re going to lay out the genuine arrangement in this post today.


The issue I see on numerous occasions with various fat methodologies is individuals endeavoring to lose muscle to fat as fast as would be prudent. What’s more, this can originate from many reasons, however we’ll address a vital one of every a minute.


Endeavoring to lose outrageous measures of weight in a brief span is quite recently not a powerful fat misfortune procedure. Without a doubt, here and there this can work. In any case, it’s not maintainable or the correct approach to lose fat. The main time I’ve seen this work is with on-screen characters with a large number of dollars hanging in the balance to get fit as a fiddle for a film part.

Losing 15-20 lbs of weight every month, and consistently, will require fierce crash diets which are way off the mark to being practical as long as possible.

You’ll soon get wore out, fling on nourishment, and demolish all the advance you made, assuming any.

It’s an unending cycle that keeps individuals from consistently accomplishing the body they had always wanted.


Your initial step is to acknowledge yourself. Figuring out how to acknowledge yourself at the present time in this exact second will break the binds of expecting to touch base at some specific place later on.

Acknowledge that you are immaculate and glad at this point. Be that as it may, understand you can work to gain persistent ground and turn into a surprisingly better form of yourself.

This shows you to appreciate every last stride of your weight reduction travel. I really hone this with a wake-up routine, look at the article I composed on it here after you wrap up this post.

stencil.twitter-post (1)


Since you understand you have to first acknowledge yourself, we should discuss the real fat misfortune system.

Your objective should be to lose fat as quick as possible, yet in addition as steadily as possible.

(… So you can really maintain it.)

It’s not about crash abstaining from food and endeavoring to lose 20 lbs of weight every last month, but instead, shooting for that week after week advance of, suppose, 1.5-2 lbs of fat misfortune every week.

This will enable you to in any case eat the measure of calories you can be fulfilled on, making the eating regimen charming.

This is the principle technique that influences my Aggressive Fat Loss To program so cracking powerful!

Me, as well as thousands are losing the weight and keeping it off in light of the fact that it’s something you can really manage and make a way of life out of it.

*Your results may shift. Tributes and illustrations utilized are extraordinary outcomes and are not proposed to ensure, guarantee, speak to and additionally guarantee that anybody will accomplish the same or comparative outcomes.

Another gigantic issue individuals confront from crash eating less carbs and murdering themselves in the exercise center is muscle misfortune. As a speedy side note, on the off chance that you crash abstain from food and lose a ton of bulk, this is a snappy approach to back off your digestion (Study).

Be that as it may, this is the principle reason in the matter of why individuals get in shape on the scale yet at the same time don’t have the look they need. They lost excessively muscle by eating less carbs and preparing inaccurately.

Also, as I began to say over, the Aggressive Fat Loss Program is intended to lose the fat as fast and as strongly as could reasonably be expected while keeping up bulk with a couple of quality instructional meetings every week…

Building that lean and etched physical make-up while getting a charge out of every last stride of the way.


What achieving low levels of muscle to fat quotients truly comes down to is first tolerating yourself and organizing your eating regimen in a way that you can charmingly hit a calorie shortage every day.

It’s not tied in with eating 1000 calories per day and doing huge amounts of cardio. That is not a manageable fat misfortune system. Nor is it sound, and you’ll always be wasting your time.

Quit searching for the speediest way that could be available and concentrate on these center ideas:

Eat enough calories that you can be fulfilled while still in a calorie shortfall (Aiming to lose about 1.5-2 lbs of muscle to fat ratio ratios every week).

Restricting cardio to 45-hour long strolling sessions on non lifting days

Quality preparing a couple of times each week.

Tolerating yourself.

Getting a charge out of the procedure.

It’s not tied in with getting lean as quick as could be expected under the circumstances. It’s tied in with getting lean as quick as you can while appreciating the procedure and really maintaining it for the long run, to get the outcomes many.

Your Keto Question For The Day: How would you be able to utilize self-acknowledgment to enhance your trip towards your fantasy body? What particularly would you be able to do to wind up noticeably more present? Tell me in the remarks underneath.


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5 Ways To Stay Motivated And Meet Your Fitness And Weight Loss Goals


Once you make that choice to get lean and healthy, it can be a challenge to stay motivated and stick with your program. Here are five ways to stay motivated to reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

Understand Why –

These are the real reasons that you decided to lose weight, to live longer and spend time with loved ones. More energy, or simply to look better and feel attractive, or to fit into those jeans, that bikini or wedding dress. Recognize and embrace the REAL reason(s) you are dieting, exercising and sweating – remind yourself daily of what you want to achieve and WHY.

Get Real –

If your main goal is weight loss, you need realistic and achievable weight loss goals to avoid the frustration of never meeting your intermediate daily, weekly and monthly goals. If you never reach goals, you will soon give up. Most safe, effective and permanent weight loss goals should be in the range of one to two pounds per week. One to two pounds may not sound like much, but thats 50 to 100 pounds over the next year!


Small Goals –


Meeting a series of small goals will help you reach the big goals. Daily goals like following your eating plan, avoiding the sugar traps and drive-up windows and hitting the gym instead of spending the evening on the couch will produce results that help you reach weekly and monthly goals. Don’t underestimate the power of small goals.

Celebrate –

Now that you are meeting (achieving) smaller goals more often, celebrate your successes to stay motivated. Note: Don’t use food as a reward, you are not a puppy who needs treats. Instead of cupcakes, treat yourself with a spa treatment, new shirt or blouse, new running shoes, or a day at the pool or yoga retreat. Recognize your small successes, take pride in them, and you will become more motivated to achieve the next.

Write It Down –

Recording your successes (and failures) can provide valuable feedback. The foods you eat and don’t eat, the weights you lift or laps you swim or run allow you to SEE the progress you are making or make adjustments when you are not progressing. Keeping a food journal and fitness log also forces you to focus.

Bonus Tip –

Choose a program (fitness and diet) that fits your busy lifestyle and avoid those that are impossible to stick to. Thrive by Le-vel is a program designed to enhance your body’s physiological functions and improve your body’s ability to burn fat faster by boosting your metabolism. Not only will your body burn more calories, but you’ll also experience improved brain function, a stronger immune system and healthy digestive function while promoting stronger joints and lean muscle tissue growth.

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5 Ways to Tame Toxic Thinking and Negative Self-Talk

It’s possible that what you think can affect your health to a greater degree than you might realize. If you get down on yourself about your weight, for example, it might have a ripple effect that boosts serious health risks.

In a recent study, researchers found that when participants were negative about how much they weighed — often as a result of hearing body-shaming messages from celebrities and on social media — they showed a greater chance of developing metabolic syndrome, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and obesity-related health problems.

“Negativity can actually change your brain chemistry as well,” says Loretta Graziano Breuning, PhD, author of “Habits of a Happy Brain.” She notes that people often default to negative thinking, which increases levels of cortisol — the hormone responsible for stress response. When cortisol spikes, it lowers hormones related to calmness and joy, like dopamine and serotonin. Increased stress brings its own health problems, including weight gain, insomnia, anxiety and systemic inflammation.

Fortunately, there are ways to tame toxic thinking, especially when it comes to your fitness goals. Here are some tips:



Sometimes, it helps simply to notice the kinds of thoughts that are firing through your brain, suggests Breuning. The mind gets into patterns and habits, and it takes some effort to shift those, but the first step is to hear yourself. Write down the kind of stinky thinking you tell yourself — you may be surprised by some of the things you “say” inside your head.


Whether you’re a frazzled parent looking for wisdom about work-life balance, or an athlete who worries about overtraining, it’s likely there’s a group of people online facing those exact issues. Connect with them, but also find the ones who feel like they lift you up with what they say and how they live. This shouldn’t produce envy, but instead give you a sense of inspiration and motivation. Check out Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter and find your squad.


“Telling yourself to be more positive is nice, but it’s too vague to be useful,” says Jen Sincero, author of “You Are a Badass.” “Specifics will set you free,” she says. “What do you want to be saying to yourself? What do you hope to accomplish? The more specific you can be, the more you’ll be delivering instructions to your brain.” For example, instead of telling yourself that you “never” do enough at the gym, you might say, “I’m really proud of myself for making time to the get to the gym, and I just killed that last HIIT session.”



You likely look at your reflection in a mirror at least a dozen times a day — some surveys put the number at closer to 60 — so make the most of it. Choose an action that makes you feel happier, like winking at yourself or sticking your tongue out. You might say a single, calming thought like, “I’m crushing it today,” or “I have time for everything I need to do.”


Originally used as a word or a sound designed to deepen a meditation practice, a mantra has evolved to mean a statement or motto that’s repeated frequently. Breuning notes that this kind of repetition actually creates new pathways in the brain, rewiring you for more positive thinking. Your mantra could be anything from, “I am amazing and I look amazing,” to a quick, “Go, team me!” Play around with phrasing and notice what gets you to an empowered place

If you are looking for an incredible and simple way to look good and feel great click the picture below and our program for Free:



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Benefits Of The Ketogenic Diet


The ketogenic or “keto” diet is an extremely low-carb and relatively high-fat diet designed to encourage your body’s use of fats and ketones as an energy source rather than the glucose from carbohydrates and sugars.


Ketones are produced by your liver when fatty acids are processed, a process known as lipolysis. When your body uses these ketones as fuel, your body is in a state of ketosis, which is the goal of the ketogenic diet, to promote ketosis. Once you eliminate or minimize carbs and increase your fat intake, your body MUST burn fats rather than carbohydrates to survive.

Five Benefits Of The Ketogenic Diet

  1. Weight Loss – Not originally intended as a “diet” to lose weight, the keto diet turns your body into an efficient fat-burning machine. The keto diet simulates fasting, without actually fasting. Your liver converts your new constant supply of dietary fats to ketones, and when that supply is not available, your liver accesses stored body fat and burns that as well, resulting in dramatic fat and weight loss, often without the hunger associated with dieting.


  1. Stable Blood Sugar – Following a keto diet will lower and stabilize both your blood sugar and the resulting insulin levels. The peaks and valleys normally caused by blood glucose nutrition-level-thrive-thrive-experiencespikes and the resulting release of insulin will be moderated or even eliminated. Your body will regain its insulin sensitivity and be more responsive to your new “normal” levels of insulin. The ketogenic diet can reverse prediabetes and may help prevent type 2 diabetes.


  1. Reduces Hunger – Many diets that restrict calories often fail due to cravings and hunger. Increasing dietary fats (and lean proteins) while decreasing sugar and carbs will leave you feeling full and satisfied, and it will be easier to stick to your diet.


  1. Improved Mental Focus – Eating a diet high in sugars, grains, and many overly processed foods will produce excess glutamate, leading to a general mental “fuzziness” a general lack of focus known as “brain fog”. Increased ketones provided by the keto diet feed your brain and neurons and promote balanced neurotransmitter production leading to better mental focus and a feeling of alertness.


  1. Reduces Your Risk Of Metabolic Disorders – Reducing and minimizing carbohydrates reduces insulin production and release. Supporters of the ketogenic diet believe that carbohydrates, especially simple carbs and sugars are the real reason people gain fat and weight as they cause unstable blood sugar levels and an overproduction of insulin and fat storing hormones like cortisol. Reduce the overproduction of these hormones and you eliminate many chronic disorders.


Combining Thrive by Le-vel With Your Keto Diet

Thrive is designed to enhance your body’s physiological functions and improve your body’s ability to burn fat faster by boosting your metabolism. Additional benefits include improved cognitive performance, a stronger immune system and healthy digestive function while Tired-level-thrivepromoting stronger joints and lean muscle tissue growth. Thrive contains a combination of natural ingredients including:

* Green Tea – Packed with catechins, green tea speeds up your metabolism to increase your fat burning. Catechins also promote the production of noradrenaline to provide additional energy.

* Amino Acids – Amino acids help speed recovery, and increase stamina and strength. Protein also increases fat burning while preventing muscle breakdown all while building lean muscle.

* White Willow Bark – A natural source of flavonoids with anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties.

* Guarana – Increases fat burning (lipolysis), improves digestion and bowel function and increases energy levels. Guarana is often used as a natural substitute for caffeine.

Combining Thrive by Le-vel with a sensible keto diet will complement your body’s fat burning and produce faster weight loss.



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IAM Derma Fusion Technology Elevates Your Health

Derma Fusion Technology Weight Loss

DALLAS, Jan. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Le-Vel Brands, LLC, the world leader in human nutritional innovation, is thrilled to announce the launch of a product designed to inspire you to become the best version of yourself—both on the inside and outside. IAM Derma Fusion Technology (DFT), the company’s most anticipated and successful DFT launch to date, is Wearable Nutrition that delivers maximum results on the inside, including weight and appetite management, mental acuity, greater energy and circulation support. On the outside, IAM gives you the bold statement of self-affirmation, empowerment and aspiration.

The DFT delivery system, the first of its kind, was designed to infuse the derma (skin) with Le-Vel’s premium-grade THRIVE Lifestyle Formula, comprised of key vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, amino acids, enzymes and plant extracts. Taken in conjunction with THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsules and THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Shake, DFT can help people of all ages experience greater vitality and well-being. When consumed in the morning as recommended, these three easy steps deliver all-day, time-released benefits. IAM designs are available both in DFT and DFT Ultra products. DFT Ultra, the “bigger, badder” version of DFT, offers an 82 percent larger fusion surface for even greater results.

Weight Loss, Improve Health, Nutriotion Supplement

With a full lineup of fun and trendy colors and designs, DFT has always been about expressing your individuality. IAM takes self-expression a step further, featuring “I am” statements like “I AM Strong,” “I AM Inspiring,” “I AM Peaceful” and “I AM Adventurous,” among others. Select the statement that best describes who you want to be. In the spirit of IAM, Le-Vel recently kicked off a social media campaign, #iam2017, to inspire people everywhere to strive to become their best selves in the New Year.

Your IAM is your mantra as you take on the day’s challenges. Best of all, the health benefits IAM DFT brings can help you have the physical and mental stamina to rise to the occasion. Le-Vel’s Brand Promoters and customers took immediate notice of this new and inspiring DFT, as sales exceeded $500,000 in the first hour following IAM’s official launch.

“At Le-Vel, we believe in the transformative power of good health – from the inside out,” say Co-Founders, Co-Owners and Co-CEOs Jason Camper and Paul Gravette. “IAM is part of a quick, easy and effective regimen that delivers all-day nutritional benefits, while its message of self-empowerment resonates with our Brand Promoters and their customers. Each of us is capable of incredible things, and we pride ourselves on maintaining a culture in which people feel great physically and emotionally, and are inspired to reach for their fullest potential.”

About Le-Vel
Founded in 2012 by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette, Le-Vel formulates and sells nutritional/health and wellness products and is the only health and wellness company that uses cloud-based technology for its day-to-day operations. Le-Vel’s cloud-based infrastructure enables the company to keep overhead to a minimum while increasing commissions to its independent Brand Promoters and putting more money into the THRIVE product line. Le-Vel products include DFT, Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules, THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix, THRIVE Kids, Activate, Boost, Balance, Black Label, FORM, Move, Rest and Pure. Le-Vel has more than 5 million Customer and Brand Promoter accounts, currently ships within the United States, Canada, AustraliaNew Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Mexico and exceeded $450 million in revenue in 2016. For more information about Le-Vel, visit

Derma Fusion Technology

Media Contact: Drew Hoffman (


SOURCE Le-Vel Brands

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Le-Vel 8 Week Experience

le vel thrive

Le-Vel is a thriving health and wellness company that offers a product-rich range of different nutritional supplements, dietary shakes, daily multivitamins.

And of course, the star of the show, the patent pending Derma Fusion Technology™ (DFT) – a smooth-to-the-touch skin strip – to complement LeVel’s premium level premium lifestyle motto.

We will discuss the active ingredients (such as forskolin and garcinia) found insidethrive levelTHRIVE, the company’s most popular product lineup as it offers a multi-purpose approach for nutrition supplements catered to both men and women specifically.  Noted for being directly designed to support weight loss goals, metabolism benefits, and boosting cognitive performance for more mental energy and stamina, it is important to understand how they got there.

The “Thrive 8 Week Weight Loss Experience” has actively amplified the awareness of the Le-Vel brands throughout the entire nutritional-based network marketing space making it one of the fastest growing opportunities, most talked about buzz-worthy products, and monumental momentum inside the multi-level marketing companies currently out there.

LeVel Thrive Health Supplement Review

Allow our review to settle in as we will explain in expert detail how LeVel works and what the THRIVE product line featuring DFT can potentially do for you.

If you are already sold on THRIVE and are a by-product of seeing the LeVel Brand 8 Week Experience work for others, you have 2 immediate options to choose from;

  1. Make a Free Le-Vel customer / promoter account for product savings and member discounts.
  2. Buy Level Thrive Products fast, easy and direct right now at retail pricing and save time.

If neither satisfies your search yet, let’s continue our review of LeVel and give you a glimpse of the entire company profile and prolific product portfolio.


What is Le-Vel?

Le-Vel is a relatively young multi-level network marketing company but you would not know it considering their massive momentum and sky-rocketing popularity and likability.

Three veterans of the direct sales industry; including Paul Gravette, Jason Camper, and Justin Rouleau; hit the ground running after founding the company in 2013 and has experienced unprecedented growth and success inside the direct sales industry for quality health and wellness formulas and supplements.

Le-Vel has branded itself as a premium “lifestyle” company.

It currently sells a range of different nutritional supplements, including the popular lineup of Thrive products and the unique thrive “DFT.”

Thrive is Le-Vel’s flagship product lineup.

It’s also the only product lineup currently sold by the company.

Le-Vel Thrive Supplement Line

There are four main supplements in the Thrive lineup, including:

— Thrive M (for men)
— Thrive W (for women)
— Thrive Lifestyle Mix
— Thrive Lifestyle DFT (for weight loss)

Le-Vel recommends customers do an 8 Week Experience” where they supplement their diets with Thrive for a total of 8 weeks.

Thrive comes in the form of a capsule. You take the recommended number of capsules per day to achieve weight loss results.

Le-Vel Thrive M Review

Thrive-MThrive M is Le-Vel’s supplement for men. It contains ingredients men need to maintain healthy bodies. It’s specially formulated to provide the following benefits:

— Weight Management
— Cognitive Performance
— Joint Support
— Inflammation Support
— Anti-aging And Antioxidant Blend
— Lean Muscle Support
— Digestive And Immune Support

Obviously, that’s a lot of different benefits. How does Thrive M provide those benefits? Take a look at its ingredient profile:

Basically, Thrive M is a multivitamin supplement which includes more than your daily recommended dose of many different nutrients.

In addition to those vitamins, Thrive M contains herbal supplements like white willow extract, green coffee been, and grape seed extract.

These ingredients are contained within the Proprietary Blend, so we don’t know exactly how much of each ingredient is contained within Thrive M.

Le-Vel Thrive W Review

Thrive-WJust like Thrive M, Thrive W is a multivitamin supplement specially formulated to support female health and fitness goals.

It promises to offer identical benefits to Thrive M, including:

— Weight Management
— Cognitive Performance
— Joint Support
— Inflammation Support
— Anti-aging And Antioxidant Blend
— Lean Muscle Support
— Digestive And Immune Support

The two supplements provide the same promised benefits. However, their specific ingredients are slightly different. Take a look at the ingredient chart for Thrive W:

The two supplements contain nearly the same vitamins and dosages. However, if you look at the Proprietary Blend, you’ll find that it’s just a little bit different. Thrive W doesn’t contain L-Arginine, for example, but it does contain Irvingia Extract.
Other than minor differences, Thrive W and Thrive M are identical supplements: Le-Vel has just branded them differently in order to target men and women.

Le-Vel Thrive Lifestyle Mix Review  thrive-premiumThe above two supplements come in the form of capsules: you take one capsule per day as needed to enjoy health benefits. Thrive’s “Premium Lifestyle Mix”, however, works differently. It comes in the form of a powder.

Le-Vel doesn’t call its Lifestyle Mix a protein powder, but that’s essentially what it is. Each container of Lifestyle Mix contains about 14 servings. You add a scoop to your smoothies to enjoy various health benefits.

Key features of Thrive Lifestyle Mix include:

— Ultra Micronized (Small Particles Lead To Better Bioavailability)
— Nutrient Mineral Dense Formula
— Probiotic And Enzyme Blend
— Antioxidant And Extract Blend
— Lean Muscle Support
— Weight Management Or Fitness
— Gluten Free

In terms of ingredients, here’s what the back of the Lifestyle Mix container claims is inside:

Basically, it’s a supercharged whey concentrate-based protein powder. In addition to protein and various vitamins, the Lifestyle Mix contains a proprietary caffeine-based blend which should stimulate your body’s natural weight loss systems. Other key ingredients include digestive enzymes and probiotics.

If you don’t like artificial sweeteners or are worried about the health problems, then please note that the Lifestyle Mix includes stevia as its primary sweetener, although there are small amounts of sugar as well (2 grams per serving).

Le-Vel Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT Review

thrive-DFTLe-Vel’s Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT is the last of four products in the Le-Vel lineup.

Unlike the other supplements, you don’t take it orally: instead, you apply an adhesive sticker to your skin and let the ingredients seep into your bloodstream.

It sounds weird, but Le-Vel isn’t the only company which offers health-boosting supplements directly to the skin. Targeted benefits of the DFT include:

— Weight Management
— Mental Clarity
— Appetite Control
— Metabolic Support
— All Natural Time Release

The “DFT” stands for Derma Fusion Technology, a trademarked name which Le-Vel is currently trying to patent.
Le-Vel doesn’t actually list an ingredient chart for its Lifestyle DFT. It lists which ingredients are included within the blend, although some of the ingredients are hidden behind proprietary formulas.

Those ingredients include: ForsLean, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, CoQ10, White Willow Bark, and Cosmoperine.

Both Cosmoperine and ForsLean are registered trademark formula made by Sabinsa Corp. Le-Vel doesn’t explain what’s in either formula.

The other ingredients, including green coffee bean extract and Garcinia cambogia, are some of the hottest ingredients in the weight loss industry. It’s unknown how much of each ingredient is absorbed into your bloodstream after applying the DFT, since Le-Vel doesn’t list that information at its website.

The idea here is that you apply the DFT to a clean and dry area of your skin. Le-Vel recommends the forearm, bicep, or shoulder for maximum absorption. Then, the ingredients will begin to transfer through your skin into your bloodstream. You leave the DFT on for 24 hours and replace it daily.

There’s also a Le-Vel Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT Ultra option, which offers a larger surface area and claims to have “300% greater” benefits than ordinary DFT.

How Much Does Le-Vel Thrive Cost?

Le-Vel-ThriveThere are two different prices listed with each product: the Monthly Auto-Ship Price and the Single Purchase Price.

Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT: $62 (single purchase), $50 (monthly auto-ship) for a box of 30 DFT applications.

Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT Ultra: $88 (single purchase), $74 (monthly auto-ship) for a box of 30 DFT applications.

Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix: $52 (single purchase), $40 (monthly auto-ship). You can buy it in the form of a canister with 16 servings, or as 16 separate single serving packets.

Thrive M and Thrive W: $74 (single purchase), $60 (monthly auto-ship) for a box of 60 capsules.

Thrive Experience Lifestyle Pack: Includes 1 package of Thrive W or Thrive M and 1 package of Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix for $126 or $100 on the auto-ship program.

Thrive Experience Tone Pack: Includes 1 package of Thrive W or Thrive M and 2 packages of the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix for $184 or $140 on the auto-ship program.

Thrive Experience Couple’s Pack: Includes 1 package of Thrive W, 1 package of Thrive M, and 2 packages of Thrive premium lifestyle mix for $252 or $200 on the auto-ship program.

Thrive Experience Lifestyle Pack + DFT: Includes 1 package of Thrive W or Thrive M, 1 package of Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix, and 1 package of Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT for $188 or $150 on the auto-ship program.

Thrive Experience Tone Pack + DFT: Includes 1 package of Thrive W or Thrive M, 2 packages of Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix, and 1 package of Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT for $246 or $190 on the auto-ship program.

Thrive Experience Couple’s Pack + DFT: Includes 1 package of Thrive W, 1 package of Thrive M, 2 packages of Thrive premium lifestyle mix, and 2 packages of Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT for $376 or $300 on the auto-ship program.

If you subscribe to the Le-Vel monthly auto-ship program, you’ll get recurring shipments of Le-Vel Thrive products at your doorstep every month.


Conclusion: Who Should Use Le-Vel Thrive?

If you visit the Le-Vel website, you’ll see that Le-Vel really wants you to use all its products together. Le-Vel wants you to take the multivitamin supplement (Thrive W or M) along with the protein powder while also applying Thrive DFT to your skin.

Le-Vel claims that people who do that are able to experience powerful health benefits. Le-Vel’s marketing is all about the personal stories: including busy adults who lived stressful lives and suffered from health problems, only to use the Thrive lineup to turn things around.

One picture on the Le-Vel Facebook page claims that Thrive is “one little decision [that] changed my life forever.”

You can join Le-Vel as a business owner and sell memberships – and products – to other people. Or, you can buy Le-Vel products from a current Le-Vel business owner or from online retailers like Amazon — If you trust that it is the real product.

In any case, the Le-Vel Thrive Experience features legitimate health-boosting ingredients and formulas that are worth it no matter what price or cost they ultimately are listed at.

Try the Thrive Experience today:

Click here