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Benefits Of The Ketogenic Diet


The ketogenic or “keto” diet is an extremely low-carb and relatively high-fat diet designed to encourage your body’s use of fats and ketones as an energy source rather than the glucose from carbohydrates and sugars.


Ketones are produced by your liver when fatty acids are processed, a process known as lipolysis. When your body uses these ketones as fuel, your body is in a state of ketosis, which is the goal of the ketogenic diet, to promote ketosis. Once you eliminate or minimize carbs and increase your fat intake, your body MUST burn fats rather than carbohydrates to survive.

Five Benefits Of The Ketogenic Diet

  1. Weight Loss – Not originally intended as a “diet” to lose weight, the keto diet turns your body into an efficient fat-burning machine. The keto diet simulates fasting, without actually fasting. Your liver converts your new constant supply of dietary fats to ketones, and when that supply is not available, your liver accesses stored body fat and burns that as well, resulting in dramatic fat and weight loss, often without the hunger associated with dieting.


  1. Stable Blood Sugar – Following a keto diet will lower and stabilize both your blood sugar and the resulting insulin levels. The peaks and valleys normally caused by blood glucose nutrition-level-thrive-thrive-experiencespikes and the resulting release of insulin will be moderated or even eliminated. Your body will regain its insulin sensitivity and be more responsive to your new “normal” levels of insulin. The ketogenic diet can reverse prediabetes and may help prevent type 2 diabetes.


  1. Reduces Hunger – Many diets that restrict calories often fail due to cravings and hunger. Increasing dietary fats (and lean proteins) while decreasing sugar and carbs will leave you feeling full and satisfied, and it will be easier to stick to your diet.


  1. Improved Mental Focus – Eating a diet high in sugars, grains, and many overly processed foods will produce excess glutamate, leading to a general mental “fuzziness” a general lack of focus known as “brain fog”. Increased ketones provided by the keto diet feed your brain and neurons and promote balanced neurotransmitter production leading to better mental focus and a feeling of alertness.


  1. Reduces Your Risk Of Metabolic Disorders – Reducing and minimizing carbohydrates reduces insulin production and release. Supporters of the ketogenic diet believe that carbohydrates, especially simple carbs and sugars are the real reason people gain fat and weight as they cause unstable blood sugar levels and an overproduction of insulin and fat storing hormones like cortisol. Reduce the overproduction of these hormones and you eliminate many chronic disorders.


Combining Thrive by Le-vel With Your Keto Diet

Thrive is designed to enhance your body’s physiological functions and improve your body’s ability to burn fat faster by boosting your metabolism. Additional benefits include improved cognitive performance, a stronger immune system and healthy digestive function while Tired-level-thrivepromoting stronger joints and lean muscle tissue growth. Thrive contains a combination of natural ingredients including:

* Green Tea – Packed with catechins, green tea speeds up your metabolism to increase your fat burning. Catechins also promote the production of noradrenaline to provide additional energy.

* Amino Acids – Amino acids help speed recovery, and increase stamina and strength. Protein also increases fat burning while preventing muscle breakdown all while building lean muscle.

* White Willow Bark – A natural source of flavonoids with anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties.

* Guarana – Increases fat burning (lipolysis), improves digestion and bowel function and increases energy levels. Guarana is often used as a natural substitute for caffeine.

Combining Thrive by Le-vel with a sensible keto diet will complement your body’s fat burning and produce faster weight loss.



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