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Le-Vel Thrive: What’s in the Stuff!?


We’ve all heard about vitamins and supplementation, and maybe even used some in our past pursuits for a healthier life, but what exactly are the Thrive products, and how do we know if they are safe?

First off, let’s talk about the Thrive products.


The first product is the Thrive Le-vel premium lifestyle capsules.  There are two different premium lifestyle capsules- a men’s and a women’s version, and we will discuss both ingredients to each.

The Thrive/M is a premium formula and approach to achieve the ultimate daily lifestyle.

It’s all natural; containing vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, anti-oxidants, enzymes, pro-biotics, and amino acids, making it a premium naturopathic formula.

The Men’s version offers a number of benefits from weight management, cognitive performance, joint support, inflammation support, anti-aging and antioxidant blend, lean muscle support and digestive and immune support.

Now the women’s version offers a lot of the same benefits but there are some differences in the ingredients, which you will be able to see in the images below.

The first image is the list of ingredients found in the Men’s capsules & the second is the list of ingredients

in the Women’s capsules.




The next product in Thrive Le-vel product line is the premium lifestyle mix, which is the shake and step 2 of the system.  The flavor of this shake is vanilla and it is delicious.

The Le-vel premium lifestyle mix is a all natural, gluten free, ultra micronized, nutrient mineral dense, probiotic-enzyme blend rich in high-quality antioxidants. The lifestyle mix formula focuses on muscle support and weight management. 

The shake is designed to synergistically flow in combination with the premium lifestyle capsules, so maximum benefits will come from using them both.



Next on the list of this amazing product line is the premium lifestyle Derma Fusion Technology (DFT), which is a LATEX FREE, biodegradable patch that time releases the high-quality ingredients into the body via derma fusion technology, delivered through the skin. The Technology is a breakthrough in health and wellness, being the only of its’ kind patent pending delivery system.

The popular all natural DFT supports weight management, mental clarity, appetite control, and metabolic support. Different from the capsules and shakes, the DFT is offers time released delivery absorption that sky rockets the metabolic rate promoting clean healthy weight management without breaking down muscle. 

When you combine the DFT with the premium lifestyle capsules and the shakes, prepare to experience unrivaled results in regards to nutrition and fitness.



Here’s some tips on applying and using DFT, these tips can make the difference in your daily experience, and your Thrive 8 Week Experience!

• Only apply the DFT to clean / dry area of skin. This ensures DFT will adhere properly.

• Only apply the DFT to Shoulder, Bicep (inside or outside), or Buttocks (top part). Men can also apply to the chest. Applying  the DFT anywhere else will not result in proper delivery.

• Rotate the areas you’re applying the DFT, this can be done everyday, or every other day. 
Example: Monday left shoulder, Tuesday right shoulder, Wednesday back to Left shoulder, Thursday inside left bicep, Friday buttocks etc.

• Try to leave the DFT on for 24hrs even while sleeping, the DFT formula is caffeine / stimulant free so it will not effect your sleep. You’ll actually see improved sleep patterns from the formula.

• The DFT only works if it’s on you, the DFT can get your metabolic rate to high levels but this doesn’t happen overnight. Depending on the individual, it can take 1-2 weeks to ‘balance’ your metabolic rate, then 1-2 weeks to elevate it, and get your body burning calories like a machine! Don’t worry though, there’s plenty of other benefits your body will start seeing on day 1 – but if it’s not on you, it’s not circulating through you.

• Be sure to drink plenty of water, clean up your diet, and try to exercise in some format. Good hydration and exercise, in conjunction with the DFT metabolic rate increase – supercharges the effect!

• The DFT is a powerhouse… but it was formulated to compound with the Thrive Capsules and Thrive Shake Mix… so give your body the full 8 Week Experience it deserves!

Try the 8 Week Experience Today!

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