Resistance Bands Bicep Blast

Top 3 Resistance Bands Exercises For Building the Biceps: 

Resistance bands are super effective for working and affecting every muscle group. That being said they are UNBELIEVABLE For working the Biceps arm muscles (the 2 muscles on the top of your arm.)

After leading over 1100 insane Resistance Bands workouts, I can tell you that there are 3 Biceps Exercises that really stand out: Standing Biceps Curls, Seated Preacher Curls and Lying Biceps Curls with Arms Up. These stand out for me because every time that I add them into one of ourBodylastics Resistance Band Workouts, they just feel like they work the muscle harder and better.

**Always Remember: When you are performing any Biceps exercise,  you want to make sure you get full range of motion. In other words you want to fully straighten your arms (lengthen the muscle) and bend your arms (shorten the muscle). As you get tired you’re going to want to do little half reps. Half reps do not as much cross-bridging in the muscle, and you won’t get the same type of result.

Written explanations are good, but sometimes video is just better. If you want to see the video explanation/demonstration of these exercises click the link: Top 3 Resistance Bands Exercises For Building The Biceps.

Exercise 1: Standing Bicep Curl

Standing Biceps Curls With Resistance Bands

Explanation: This exercise is a true classic. It is probably one of the first arm exercises that most people ever perform.

When executed properly this exercise works the Biceps muscles so well. I always feel like I get incredible muscle elongation as I move through every rep. This is important because you need full lengthening and shortening of the muscle against tension to create change.

Set Up:
Anchor: Not Needed
Body Positioning: Lay the band flat on the floor and then step into it with both feet (about hips width apart) and stand up straight. Check to make sure that there’s a little bit of tension on the band with our arms straight down at the starting position.

We want that so that your Biceps are working against resistance at all points of the exercise. Create a little bend in your legs to take the pressure off of your lower back.

Now roll your shoulders down and back and lock your elbows at your sides. Your elbows need to stay stationary through the movement. Pretend a skewer has been stuck right through our elbow into our side, so it can’t move forward or back. Next rotate your hands, so that your palms are facing forward.

 Simply bend our arms and raise your hands until they are up to chest height. Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat.

Exercise 2: Seated Preacher Curls

Seated Preacher Curls With Resistance Bands

Explanation: Preacher curls have an advantage over other types of curls because they typically have some type of stabilizer to prevent your arm bone from moving forward (which takes some of the work off of the Biceps and on to the shoulder muscles).

In this case you legs act as the stabilizer. I feel like I am in a true fight against the resistance when I perform these. You will Too!
Set Up:
Anchor: Place your door anchor at the bottom of the door and then thread your band(s) through the anchor
Body Positioning: Sit down facing the door with your feet flat on the floor and your knees up. Rest your elbows right above your knees with palms up.

 Bend your arms and move your palms towards your forehead. Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat.

Exercise 3: Lying Curls Arms Up

Resistance Bands Lying Biceps Curls Arms Up

Explanation: This exercise is always a killer. It definitely feels different because your body is stabilized by the floor, yet your arms are in a forward position.

There really is no chance for any type of cheating or assisting from other muscle groups. The work is all done by the Biceps. You will get a crazy pump from this one!
Set up:
Anchor: Place the door anchor at the top of the door, and thread your band(s) through it.
Body Positioning: Grip a handle in each hand and carefully lie down on the floor. Your toes should be touching the door and your knees should be up. Keep your arms pointed towards the door anchor, and your palms facing behind you.

 Curl and bend your arms, bringing your palms towards your forehead. Make sure that your upper arm stays pointed towards the door anchor throughout the entire movement. Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat.

Final Notes:


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